Honorary Life Presidents: Sue and Simon Lilly, Institute of Gem and Crystal Therapists

Welcome to ACHO

The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations was formed in 1988 by a group of crystal healing organisations to promote training and competence in crystal healing therapy and to act as a nationally recognised representative body for crystal healing. ACHO schools form the largest contingent within the Crystal Therapy Council (CTC), which is a member of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT).

ACHO maintains a Practitioner Register of qualified crystal healers. Listed practitioners must have completed either an accredited ACHO Foundation course (around 50 hours), an ACHO Certificate course (around 90 hours tutor present) or a full ACHO Diploma course, (around 180 hours tutor present). The ACHO Core Curriculum can also be studied as Accredited Modules offered by some schools in the format laid out in our  Training Standards

The Foundation level course may be delivered by some schools as a correspondence course provided there is a tutor present practical assessment day. This is a pilot for 2014-2016.

ACHO is a proud sponsor of the Crystal Enlightenment Conference 2016

ACHO is run by a team of elected officers:

  • Chair: Lauren D’Silva, Touchstones School of Crystal Therapy
  • Secretary: Sandra Hope-Maskell, Hope College of Crystal Healing
  • Treasurer: Helen Jane Meyrick, Dreamstone Holistics

To see the full list of those Members who have held office for ACHO please click here

All Member schools are encouraged to participate in ACHO meetings.

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Please explore our Schools and Courses menu for schools offering crystal healing courses and crystal therapy courses. The schools listing is alphabetical. All schools agree to cover the core curriculum and each has additional areas of special interest.

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